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Among the broad array of Social Media sites, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are much popular. Some businesses promote their products and services on different social media sites. However, Twitter has achieved much popularity in social media networking platforms as it facilitates users to send short crucial messages to the universe expecting someone would have a look at the message that’s tweeted by you and may respond at the earliest possible. In the beginning, tweet messages were restricted to sending messages having a maximum of 140 characters. TWITTER CARDS program is the latest development by the Twitter development team.

Most of the Twitter members started following messages on their preferred topic and started liking, for illustration, sports persons, celebrities, and politicians. Twitter has become the preferred social media tool among all kinds of people to tone their views on any topic they select. Because of the character restriction, members need to write short and valuable messages as every day millions of messages are tweeted by huge members.

Importance of TWITTER CARDS

People who have experienced the worldwide recognition of Twitter have begun using it to endorse their business. Twitter members have responded well to tweets on job openings and got a suitable job also. Hobbyists have joined in any relevant groups and swap information relating to their hobby mentioned on Twitter.

What special for e-Commerce companies?

E-commerce businesses were much thrilled when Twitter announced that they were improving the game and applying analytics for Twitter cards. This new facility facilitates users to include images, videos, and descriptions of products to their messages (tweets). For instance, simply an ad for a bag permits the seller to insert an image of the product to the message like LinkedIn or FaceBook, which was not available earlier in Twitter messages.

After offering Twitter cards facility, studies said that the response from members to tweets had grown by over 40%. Presently, e-commerce business promoters could sponsor their demanding and popular products on messages (tweets) in Twitter and look forward to having a better result. Even though SmartPhone and other social media sites have gained popularity, People look at the current ad and if they prefer what they watch, and if the price is affordable they will buy it right there. Also, regular promotions on TV and newspapers no longer motivate buyers. Since Twitter is a much older Social media site and has millions of members they have better reviews from valid sources that sell products. Additionally, the cost of promoting products on social media twitter is minuscule in comparison to running an ad campaign on TV or newspapers.

Effort to make Twitter cards

Twitter cards are easier to initiate and implement. You’ll be able to create a card within 10-15 minutes, and obtain approval if it’s a player card and apply it. Could you imagine? Within 15 or fewer minutes a seller can run an ad for a specific product on Twitter which has millions of viewers and the result will be definitely positive. No business can think of reaching such a broad range of social network audiences with such little attempt. For this reason, a large number of businesses are including Twitter cards in their advertising campaign.


Mainly four types of Twitter cards are available with Twitter to drive audiences to your website. The basic 4 Twitter card categories are Summary Card, Summary card with a large image, Player Card, and App Card.

Summary Card

This card contains space for title, description, and thumbnail through which you can mention text and small size images for better displaying your products and services.

Summary card with large image

This card comes with a large size significantly featured image with title, and description. A better ad promotion can be experienced over here with better results.

App card

This card has a direct download to only a mobile application and not for desktop users. Products could be promoted among SmartPhone users greatly.

Player card

This card comes with audio and video media for better display and elaboration and definitely, more results could be expected over here.


If you wish to use Twitter cards to endorse your business, only two steps need to be followed. First, you need to generate (make) the meta tags for the card that you need to produce. Once you have made the meta tags, you need to insert them on the website homepage and get them approved by the admin of Twitter. For the purpose of generating the Twitter card meta tags properly, you must have knowledge of the HTML code to write and mention in the code of your website. Also, you can go for a Twitter card generator and know the proper size of the card image to get generated.

NOTE: You must generate the meta tags carefully for Twitter cards that carry video tags and the size of the video display must be fit within limits instructed by Twitter.


After you have determined to use Twitter cards, getting approval from Twitter is mandatory. At the time of applying for the approval, you need to provide your basic information and your own website. This application procedure is called a Twitter whitelist request. After getting the approval from Twitter the meta tags of Twitter cards that you have mentioned on your website will be pulled out by Twitter and displayed to the global viewers.

Error chances

If your site is built upon the WordPress platform, you might see an error message of not displaying the Twitter card image by WordPress. You need to look at your site’s code and rectify it. Sometimes, you may find errors message by Twitter for ‘not displaying pictures’ or ‘image is not loading’, the solution is to check your code and rectify it.

Hope, the above article definitely helps you in having more advantages on Twitter card promotion and a new avenue for promoters has been achieved.