Live Characters & Words Count

How to calculate Letter Density at free of cost?

Live Character Counter web program is a 100% free online character count calculator that's simple to use. Sometimes, users, have a preference for simplicity over the entire detailed writing summary Word or character counter provides, and this is precisely what this tool serves.

What it displays?

It displays the character count figure and word count figure which is often the main information a person is keen to about his/her writing. So, you’ll have the required information instantly, but it depends upon the speed of the internet in your system.

How to count characters online?

Through a character counter online, just copy and paste the text into the text area or write the text directly into the text area. Once finished, the free online program will compile on clicking of a button or automatically after inserting text and display reports on the pasted text.

Where Character counter is used?

This can be valuable in many situations like Meta Description, title and homepage content writing purpose while you’re writing some limited or minimum character.

Character counter online in social media sites

Also, in social media sites like Twitter, Mobile SMS, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, eBay, Plagiarism checker, and grammar checker site and many more sites, the character counter could be well utilized.

Character counter in educational organization

The same is often useful for educational applications like colleges and universities. Enduring by these can have a key blow on how this writing is measured and reviewed, and it reports whether or not you're able to follow primary instructions.

Hopefully, the readers could understand well the importance of the character counter online.