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SEO Agility Tools meta tag extractor is a free tool to extract meta tags from web pages as quickly as possible. Just feed the URL of any website into the input box for Meta Tags Extractor, click on the ‘I am not a robot’ box and then click on ‘Extract’. In few moments, you will see a table informing you about the URL, title, meta descriptions and meta keywords

Meta Tags

Meta tags are words hidden in your code, but interestingly, people checking out your site cannot see them. They are for search engines to read and comprehend in simple words what the webpage is all about and what the keywords are. The information in meta tags is used in many ways, such as what appears on Google’s search results or giving the browser tab a title. In short, it can be said that meta tags belong to the larger algorithmic puzzle that search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google make use of while determining the results that are most suitable to your query.

Title Tag

The title text displayed in search engine listings is not a meta tag as such but is the most important part as it contains information useful for SEO. It determines your website’s position in search results. It is in the header and is a must to describe the page in short. A unique feature of title tags is that it is the only meta tag visible to both the crawler and the user.
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Meta Description

Used along with the title tag, the meta description provides a brief and relevant description of the page for the searchers as they go through the SERPs. It is not important for ranking, but the message that the copy conveys decides if the users will click on the results or not. Keep it less than 160 characters for the search engine’s sake and make it attractive. Sometimes, however, the search engines use snippets from the actual text rather than the descriptions provided by you.

Keyword Tag

The tag is where all your site’s keywords are put so that the search engine knows which words can take you to the top of the SERP. Once a favourite of search engines, the keyword tag lost importance when spammers started abusing it.