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Unfortunately, the Sitemaps ping feature is deprecated by both Google and Bing, so it is no longer available here either
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The SEO technique is working with two vital parts of itself. It is on-page and off-page SEO. Both of the parts are important. But On-page SEO is a lie if you don’t fulfill some basic things like submitting the sitemap correctly. No matter whether you have a new or old website, it would help if you ping sitemap to achieve proper SEO. To make the concept in here, we will feature you the importance of pinging the sitemap at the search engine. So without wasting more time, let us jump to the central part of the article and keep reading till the last word.

Benefit and advantage of sitemap ping

Pinging a sitemap is not too hard. That will explain below how you can submit and ping your sitemap on a search engine. But before that, let’s know the benefit and advantages of doing this. Here we present all the visible benefits. But remember that there are some other benefits also available, which are more technical than google.

Making a clear image of the website

Search engine robots do not get a good idea about the website by a single content or image. Those robots are looking for the source of the data that they can crawl simultaneously and analyze properly. After analysis, the robot can decide what type of website your site is and the main of itself. This precise image help this thing to classify your website to their server. It helps to give you priority on your section to ranking.

Safe content indexing process

Most people like to index their content by using tools. Cause they want to have instant indexing. But as we said before, those tools occur nothing without lots of error. This is why we suggest people use sitemaps to ping their website all the time. Even all the search engine also encourage their webmaster to do that. There is nothing safe way like this. All the content like image, text, audio, and video can ping by sitemap with safety.

Save time from manual indexing

Manual index if time-consuming task. You need to ping every content manually. Even some search engines have limitations of crawling each day. In that case, you will face a suffocating situation. If you don’t want to face this type of problem, you should replicate your manual indexing habit by sitemap pinging. It will save you time. You need to submit your sitemap in the proper place. And then, search engines will be started to get data from this after a fixed time.

Ping Sitemap (Google, Bing etc.)

Crawl per modifications

People want to bring a modification of information of their website. But for the large website to share information per modification. Manually it becomes hard to occur a crawl per modification. This is the reason submitting a sitemap is a wise idea. In this process, after any modification happens, the search engine bot will understand these things as instant. That’s why you will have a good ranking change According to your conversion.

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An effective way to indexing

Manual indexing is not too effective. If you do a manual index, it will index only the textual data early. But it will take a lot of time to crawl other content like image, audio, and video. This is proven, and all the experts are following this way. So that you will not have an effective result. On the other hand, if you submit the sitemap, then all information of each and every type of content will be indexed easily.

Get error history instant

Often we find some errors are happening in the webmaster tool. If those errors are possible to solve instantly, we can avoid a lot of danger. But the problem is that we cannot define those errors if we submit the single post without submitting the sitemap. But if their sitemap has pinging correctly, the google bot will crawl it and regularly check the latest error. As a result, you will get those error histories instantly.

How to ping a sitemap?

To ping a sitemap, so many tools are available on the web. But we don’t suggest people use those. Because using those can be risky. Even those tools can generate unwanted errors, which can reason the penalty. We recommend people to ping their sitemap at the webmaster tools. First of all, you should define your website's XML or HTML sitemap link.

The two most significant search engine in the world is Google and Bing. For pinging purposes, you should go to their ping tools. Link to those tools are given below:





At the place of “{URL-of-your-sitemap}” replace your website name. After visiting those links, it may want the permission of your Gmail or yahoo account. Don’t worry, drop your information there. And then, put there your sitemap link on the given input box and click on submit. Depending on website priority, the link will take 1 hour to 5 days to complete ping. Till then, you should keep waiting to get the change. And it would help if you did not go for third-party pinging tools. Those will make a terrible impact on your SEO and your website.

Often sitemap can be wont working on your site. Don’t be depressed if you find the same things. The most common reason for this problem is that your robots.txt file is not enabled from the search engine. However, in such a situation, modify your robots.txt and allow all the links you want to index on the search engine. And then bring your sitemap to ping again. Hopefully, it will work properly.

Still, some people love to manually index their posts and other images to the search engine. I don’t find any harmful things. But submitting a sitemap is more critical. Because if you submit your sitemap once, it will work even when you will not participate online. Some sitemaps have become more advanced right now. Those sitemaps do not provide static information of contents. Instead, those provide more classified information about your products. I like those sitemaps because google, Bing, and other search engines can quickly get information from there. However, I hope you get a clear idea about the importance of sitemap pinging.