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Meta tags are the first notion prospective visitors accept of your website through organic types listing; they’re also detected by search engine bots use while crawling your website.

Writing thousands of Page titles and meta-descriptions for Shopify stores and eCommerce stores is truly a tidy task. To conduct SEO for bigger Shopify or eCommerce site, it’s too much time-wasting task to generate metatag manually. It’s a better choice to use a handy tool for easy generation of titles and Meta descriptions for the web pages. We’ve created a free tool to help you create better page titles and meta-descriptions for all of your Shopify or eCommerce SEO needs.

How to Use Meta Tag Generator Tool

First, Copy the following formula that you like into the Meta Tag generator below and then return the variables with your own record. Our advanced metatag generator will instruct you how many characters of space you’ve utilized so you’ll come to know whether you must add or subtract text.

About ideal Title Tag

Recommended Characters for Page Title 55

Try to include the front load of the main target keyword and odd number within the title tag to get crawled by Google easily and ultimately increasing CTR and rankings.

About Meta description tag

Unlike title tags, add symbols and odd numbers within your Meta Description tags will enable your listing stand out from the bulk display in SERP and attract the viewers to sought-after clicks.

While the meta-description tags of your website don’t provide any value to the ranking of your website, they can get optimized towards increasing CTR from the SERPs.

About meta keywords

At the time of using Meta tag generator, meta keywords are excluded as it’s a best SEO practice to leave this blank to avoid competitor’s eye on your keywords that you’re focusing on. Studies say that Google crawler skips meta keywords.

But, Meta Descriptions can include the major keywords with the description section.

Rules of writing title and meta descriptions

You should keep in mind a couple of things at the time of writing page titles and meta-descriptions.

  • Since the page title is an important SEO ranking factor, so you need to use keywords properly here within the limited range of words.
  • Pipe (|), and dash (-) symbol are equivalent in the eyes of Google crawler, so proceed with whatever your choice is. Personally, we take dashes because they make a cleaner look of SERP.
  • Your meta description is the best possibility to inspire searchers to click first your displayed page link instead of the other pages on the SERP, so focus on it to make eye-catching, so that a strong call to action could be expected. You can say a meta description as a form of ad content.
  • It’s often recommended to make meta descriptions shorter to get cached by Google easily. If Titles or descriptions are too long, the meta descriptions will be truncated in the SERP.
  • For instance: Some people are searching for “white Nike Air 8000” and some are searching for “Nike Bags”. Here the words ‘Nike 8000’ is common here may put the confusion to the reader, if meta description will be longer.

Formulas for Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

For writing Shopify stores and eCommerce stores on any technology platform tend to follow some kind of formula. Before going to use the metatag generation formula, some suggestions are given below for you.

Page Title Formulas

1. Formula - [product name] - [store name]

    Tile - White Nike Air 8000 –

2. Formula - [buy/shop/browse] [product name] - [store name]

    Title - Buy White Nike Air 8000 –

3. [buy/shop/browse] [product name] - [broader keyword] - [store name]

    Shop White Nike Air 8000 – Nike Bags –

Meta Description Formulas

1. Formula - [product name] [product description]. [call to action]

Meta description - “Blue Nike 7500 Bags that is a frivolous and sustaining in carrying things effortlessly for long time, Buy immediately!”

2. Formula - [call to action] [product name]. [product description]

Meta Description: “Shop Now! White Nike Air 8000 Bags, which is lightweight and supporting in carrying things smoothly for long period!”

Collection Pages

Collection pages are known as the eCommerce SEO workhorses. For the increasing numbers of online stores, this is the platform where your organic traffic needs to flow. Here you’re focusing people searching for “Nike shoes” as a substitute of “white Nike Air 8000”.

Page Title Formulas

1. Formula - [collection name] - [store name]

Title - Nike Bags –

2. Formula - [buy/shop/browse] [collection name] - [store name]

Title - Buy Nike Bags –

3. Formula - [store name] - [buy/shop/browse] [collection name] – Buy Nike Bags (This formula is suitable for famous brand name)

Meta Description Formulas

1. Formula - [buy/shop/browse] [collection name] at [store name]. [why choose your store].

Meta Description - Buy Nike bags at Free instant shipping on orders over $60.

2. Formula - [why choose your store] on [collection name] at [store name]. [call to action].

Meta Description - FREE instant shipping on Nike Bags at Browse our Nike Bags collection.

Copy and paste the above formulas or examples above into the meta tag generator form to get started.

Recommended characters for Meta Description - 155-160 characters