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Getting to the top of the game is not easy on the Internet. Moreover when you have algorithm updates from Google, it gets all the more difficult. You need to up your game every now and then. Whether it’s the BERT or EAT, algorithm changes (which are more than many thousands in a year) spare nobody. So, what to do when you face this problem? The answer is simple. You assess your ground where you stand and then make strategic decisions accordingly. It is no hidden fact that to do that, ALEXA is a great help in achieving that feat. Let’s get our basics straight on what is Alexa and how does it help.

Great SEO audit

Alexa helps perform SEO audit which includes content, backlinks, global and national rank displaying itself on their rank tracker page. But what’s new about it? Alexa’s detailed reports that let you have everything combined. It’s a great option for SEO and PPC strategy etc. too! To begin with, SEO is not a single day or a one-time strategy that works long time. Alexa showcases-

  • User experience with your website (analysis)
  • Top performing landing pages
  • Audience analysis
  • Technical set up of website
  • Keyword research

So, we can safely say that Alexa is a game changer when done right. In other words, it is simply doing the right thing at the right time for your business online. Also, Alexa starts with a free trial as well in case you have just started.

How to get your SEO analysed?

When you own a website, you need the right kind of marketing tactics and of course an overall beneficial SEO. Positioning yourself as the leader in a niche is the trick these days. The reason, bigger companies dominate the first page with their targeted set of keywords. It’s not really practical or possible that you can get past them. And spending funds on your website compared with a company like Amazon does is not feasible too. So, what do you do? Choose Alexa that sets things right.

Why tools like Alexa count?

There are a number of reasons for that as well. First, it helps boost your website with the least efforts. Second, you get a lot of exposure on to what your site really lacks. Third, it gives you the relevant data to take necessary actions on the ‘where and how’ of your site. Fourth, it saves a lot of time and efforts to understand the problem manually by testing.

When do you need Alexa?

Depends on these three factors mainly-

  • Site ranking going down because of competition
  • Having no fresh and relevant content
  • When you skip SEO Audit for long
  • To have an overall analysis of your website

And this is not it, there’s more.

Is Alexa really helpful?

Yes. With Alexa Rank Checker you can do much more than just a simple SEO audit. It helps you with-

  • Site’s visibility
  • Assessing SEO friendly content
  • Page Rank
  • Loading Speed
  • Audience Analysis

And this is just the beginning. Win your SEO game with Alexa Rank Checker to make the best decision today. Get your website in having the best of Alexa and gain big with least efforts. It’s totally worth it.